"I loved your workouts and trying something new! The split squats were the hardest for me but I could see that they were effective! And I just overall feel stronger strong... I 100% know that my butt is a lot more muscular and up than it used to be." - Kristie @ktotheyeung


"I was not prepared for Bodied By Bang, this workout plan is no joke. From day 1 I knew this plan was going to transform me. Not just physically but mentally as well. I've been weight lifting for 5+ years but nothing had challenged me like this before. You have to be committed and push through but you will see results. I like how it was structured and could be done at home plus you can go through the workout plan again & again after completing, which I'm currently doing. Summer body will be on point again thanks to Bodied By Bang." - Sandra @sanflowwerr


"Using Diane's program at first was about creating joint stability for my hips but after a year I've reduced my unwanted back fat and instead installed a dump truck in this ass. thank you for everything girl. 10/10 program. Would recommend." - Sam @dennysgrandsam 


"Lifting has always been a passion for me. Whether it be myself working out or helping someone get to where they want to be, to give them a head start per say & that's exactly what Diane Bang had done for me. Never did I ever pay much attention to how weak my legs were until I actually touched a leg press machine. It was embarrassing. I had no routine, I was lost. I knew exactly who to ask for help. Bang assigned me to her 4 week workout plan & it was utter hell. It was excruciating, but who doesn't love a challenge? How did I do it? One word. DISCIPLINE. The discipline to work hard. The discipline to keep going when it hurt, when all you want to do is leave. Push through the pain, reveal your character. Thank you, Bang." - Matthew @matteowilliams